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no offence

but its a bad excuse for madness combat 5 but it was'nt bad as some tributes go i really liked the character design but it did copy hank

BEST PART: i really really LOVED the part when that guy put a belt on and shoved a sub-machine gun at the back of him well done!

a first flash...

wow thats amazing it was good how the sword hit him very well done i expect more from u in the future u got my support pal....

if u were wondering i voted 3

nice but short

try make your future animations alot longer ;) also add walk cycles don't convert the feet and the body togegher good luck!

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it was'nt the best

but its ok and the codes down try fix that and add more fighting moves andadd weapons

i constanly kept on looking at the review button!

fuck in hell i love this game its perfect everyday i went to play on it i always wanted to review but never had the time great game i am so looking forward to number 2 is their is ever gonna be a number 2


very good game but i could'nt get passed level 1 this is very hard i suggest when u make number 2 (if u do) u make it alot easyer. ok here is what i think of it it is a very good game cool sprites i think from super mario well a big 5 from me

adi4x responds:

try more

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this audio is the best

ive downloaded it its gerat cant wait to see your other tracks

Helix6 responds:

Should have more soon! Probably in 07. :)

HI! look out for stickday that will be on 8th of october thanks

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