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HI! look out for stickday that will be on 8th of october thanks

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Posted by matt2k7 - July 19th, 2007

welll we all know sticks are a daily part of our lives so...

please join and support!

as we all know stick figures have been in our lifes since the begining of flash their is web sites for them like stickpage i can't colour in and much much more!

well i think STICKS should have their own day aswell madness day september 22nd well thats not fair if they get a madness day and we get nothing this is our time all stick figure fans

but don't get to excited thinking its today or tomorrow...


so get making your animations :)

me and sintrom93 or somthing i can't remember his name are making a game for STICK DAY so look out for that

i made an offical preloader for STICK FIGURE DAY 07 you can download it here

ill see you for octomber and good luck^^ with your games/animations!



Comments (39)

OMFG, Just shut up!
We all know you didn't create noothing. Give proofs, make an update on the layout!
Go, what are you waiting for?

You should probably contact Tom about the idea, he would probably support it and front page news it for people to contribute. Cheers.

ok ill try but he never responds to PMs

that preloader kind of sucks

So. You claim to have made Stickpage.com, eh? Isn't that the same site you got banned from? Explain to me how the creator of Stickpage could get banned from his own site. I mean, if you made the site, shouldn't you know the rules? I'm quite puzzled here.

You didn't create stickpage, you coocky fag.
Epic fail.
You fail sooooo much.
How did you get banned at stickpage then? Huh?
And you are going to probably say:

olol i r did tat fur kepink a low profilje.

You are such a poser.

If you Created stickpage then you should be an Admin, right?
But your account look's like it's a normal one.
And if you are realy an Admin, then PLEASE ban me on stickpage.

Another funny thing.
on stick page account you are 11 years old.
Look here: <a href="http://www.stickpageportal.com/forums/member.php?u=11122">http://www.stickpageportal.com/forums /member.php?u=11122</a>

And here you are 17.

I would probably say you are 11, becouse you act like a 11 year old.
And your grammer show's you are 11 too.

sorry spazzy and exodus, he cant respond because HE FORGOT HIS FUCKING PASSWORD.

well i like being myself
the uk wales
animations yeah thats it

Are you retarded. You didn't make stickpage so go rape a donkey you lieing buttfuck.


He do the best he can!!

If you don't have anything POSITIVE to say,
then go to another place and speak SH*T!!


He claims he made a website he didn't make dumb fuck before me.

Krizy, shut the fuck up. You're not even making any sense. He's being an idiot, and you're sticking up for him? Leave the internet now.

Look, Matt. You did not create SPP. You are just lowering your respect, not making it better. Do you want to have to endure the endless blamming and flames? Why not admit? You did not create SPP, ok? We know that, and why do you not admit?

Spazzy, I'm his friend, I KNOW HIM BETTER THAN YOU!

Maybe I dind't make SSP..!? ..so?! Do not mob and trouble him anyway!
He is a human like everyone else and humans have feelings!
Think if you guys have been him.. (maybe you dont have come up in
trouble like this) BUT THINK! Idiots! You don't have a good enough explanation!!!!

Look, Krizy.. Sorry if i upset you. But, i would not have made a lie that would make everyone attack me, would you? Of course, I am also ashamed of what these people are doing. I understand he is new, and wanted attention. People do not understand that a new person is NTO the same person they had to deal with a while ago, and give the answer. They are new to the internet, and do not understand it. this makes it hard for a new person to acquire popularity, and such. With practice, matt, you could get popularity, and become known. But, by lying that you made Stickpage, you ruined your chances, sadly. Most people are not going to respect you now that you have dont his, and I am very sympathetic. I can udnerstand why you lied, and I can sympathize for the reasons. I fibbed once, when I was 5 or something, because this guy became my friend afterward. We talked, and when i told him I lied, he did not care. Sadly, these people do care about it, and are too ruthless to forgive you. I do, however, and it would help to just admit you did not make SPP. At least they will not be attacking you for these reasons. I am once again, very sympathetic for what has happened. I wish you the best of luck, Matt, and same to you Krizy.

NeoInanimate, Wao!! :)

Finally someone smarter than me and this other guys ... heh.

I'm gonna show matt your message, Neoln.

Listen, Krizy. I don't care if he's your friend. That doesn't mean you should stick up for what he does. If he were going on a mass murdering spree around the world, would you stick up for him and say he's innocent? What he's doing right now is immitating staff, and that's a big &quot;no-no&quot;. And besides, if he didn't wanna get attacked, he would'nt have wrote all that bullshit.

Now please, could you kindly ask him why, exactly, he feels the need to tell everyone that he made Stickpage? Is he doing this for attention, or does he really feel he made Stickpage?

That you said there, spazzy, was not any smarter and he doesnt speak BULLSHIT!
Many people think stickday is cool and they are makin' animations now.

I'm not sticking up for him, you misunderstanding! The thing is ..


That's it. And see the positive to matt. He made a mistake. He have to do
something about it but maybe not now... IT'S OK, I DON'T NEED TO CARE..

..but if no one had cared, I'm sure it had go very wrong.

Please, but this was not the subject. Come on. Look up for the stickday
and make your animations! Matt2k7 wrote this 'cuz it was fun. Not to get
respect or something, just for fun! And the thing with stickpage.com..
It was just a big mistake! I try to talk with matt about it but he still says
he made stickpage.com... I don't know why! So be nice to him and then
he maybe do something about this.

Hope these words was helping.. ......lol..... :)

I didn't say Stickday was bullshit. I said him saying he made Stickpage is bullshit. Where have you been?

And seriously, as I said, if he didn't want people to attack him, he wouldn't have made such a blatant lie. Would you lie to get people to like you, Krizy? I don't think you would.

And you say that you're not sticking up for Matt. Then how come you stated in your post that you don't want people talking shit to him? That's sticking up for him, you know. And even if he is your friend, that doesn't justify what he did. Impersonating staff is pretty serious, you know. It's almost like identity theft.

I don't know about everyone else here, but I'm trying to teach Matt a lesson. I'm trying to get him to admit that he didn't make Stickpage, so all this trouble to him can end. Isn't that what you want? For people to quit tormenting him? Then maybe you should get your head out of your ass, and tell him to admit to not being an Admin on Stickpage, and to not have created the site.

Now as I asked earlier, could you kindly ask Matt why he felt the need to say he made Stickpage.com? Because if he explains that, then maybe we can help him.

he has not been on msn for days now, since this started!


He has lied many times to me, and he is not 11, not 13.. NOT 17, but an adult.

I have a suspicion.. matt2k7 have PROBLEMS!! :O

I am serious!

Anyway, i'm going on holyday about hours :) CYA NG!

Wait what? So how old is this kid? Like, 34? Is he your dad? And why would he have needed to lie like this in order to get attention from nothing but a bunch of teenagers? Is he so desperate?

And I'm assuming he hasn't been on MSN for a while because so many people attacked him over MSN, and he realized that if he so much as logged on, he'd get torched by the flame.

Eh, good luck coming into terms with him if you ever see him again, Krizy.

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